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Noxtech, Inc. is a privately held environmental company that develops and commercializes air pollution control equipment for IC engines (stationary and mobile) and boilers. Noxtech was purchased as a MBO from Cummins Engine Company in 1995 and has operated as an independent business for over 13 years. Noxtech has experienced capable management and an excellent group of employees with extensive experience and talent.

Noxtech has developed, demonstrated and commercialized a unique patented technology for both the stationary IC Engine and boiler markets. Noxtech is also developing and has demonstrated an advanced technology for mobile markets. This technology addresses serious commercial issues associated with the commercially available products for stationary applications (SCR) and the technologies (SCR, NOx adsorbers) that have received the bulk of funding and effort for mobile applications.

The Noxtech System for treatment of the exhausts from stationary combustion sources including IC engines and boilers is a patented thermo chemical combustion process requiring a minimum of 2% O2 in the exhaust.

Unique Noxtech Benefits: Stationary Sources

Solid Bullet  Greater than 90% NOx reduction for stationary combustion sources:
         Bullet  Diesel, Natural gas, Biogas fueled IC engines
         Bullet  Coal biomass, natural gas, & oil fired boilers
Solid Bullet  Substantial concurrent depletion of NOx, CHX, CO & NH3
Solid Bullet  No Generation of hazardous by-products
Solid Bullet  Uses available fuel & low cost NH3 or Urea
Solid Bullet  No solid catalysts to replace or used catalyst requiring disposal
Solid Bullet  Lower urea cost since the Noxtech system can use agriculture grade urea
Solid Bullet  Simple system has low maintenance costs
Solid Bullet  The Noxtech System’s performance is not affected by the impurities (siloxanes) and poisons contained in       biogases
Solid Bullet  System operates at relatively low back pressure
Solid Bullet  System is durable and reliable. It has no catalysts and utilizes simple construction from durable materials


Emissions Control Technology for Transportation Applications (see What’s New):

Solid Bullet  Unique system uses reformed diesel fuel as reductant & ceramic catalyst for NOx reduction
Solid Bullet  Demonstrated over 90% NOx reduction in diesel exhaust
Solid Bullet  Does not require additional fluid be carried on vehicle as reductant
Solid Bullet  Uses a Ceramic NOx reduction catalyst that is very resistant to sulfur poisoning and temperature deactivation
Solid Bullet  Low cost: uses no precious metals

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