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Ceramic Catalyst System

Noxtech is developing and has demonstrated excellent performance (Figure 1.) for a unique dual catalyst based system ceramic catalyst system (CCS) for the removal of NOx from the exhausts of diesel and lean burn natural gas and gasoline powered transportation vehicles. The emphasis for this technology has been to minimize size, cost and parasitic losses while also achieving excellent NOx removal in transportation systems.

The ceramic catalyst system works by reforming/cracking a fluid (diesel fuel or gasoline) carried on a transportation vehicle, using a very small amount of catalyst. The fluid is catalytically converted to very active species that is injected into the exhaust stream and reacts with NOx on the surface of a reduction catalyst consisting of a ceramic material enhanced with a dopant or promoter (Figure 2.). This system has major performance and cost advantages compared to SCRs and NOx adsorbers because:

Bullet  Achieves over 90% NOx reduction
Bullet  Uses no precious metals
Bullet  Very resistant to sulfur poisoning
Bullet  Low parasitic loses (2-3%) to operate
Bullet  Does not require 2nd fluid to be carried on vehicle
Bullet  Simple and small size

The CCS has demonstrated 92% NOx reduction using a slip stream from a commercial high speed diesel engine exhaust (Figure 2 & 3.). The CCS has also demonstrated 65% NOx reduction while treating the full exhaust flow from a 60 hp high speed diesel engine running on the Federal Transient Cycle (Figures 4 & 5.).

Noxtech’s CCS system is presently being developed in conjunction with Analytical Engineering, Inc. A grant from the state of Texas (HARC) has been obtained and is being used to continue the development of the CCS system. Although the viability of this technology has been demonstrated, significant additional development effort will be required to produce a commercial product.


Figure 1
(Figure 1)
Figure 2
(Figure 2)
Figure 3
(Figure 3)
Figure 4
(Figure 4)
Figure 5
(Figure 5)



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